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November 12, 2022

Cavanagh Law Group Obtains $9.75M Settlement for Cyclist Hit By Semi-Truck

A trucking company agreed to pay $9.75 million to settle a case involving a cyclist hit by a truck driver. Tim Cavanagh and Benjeman Nichols of Cavanagh Law Group secured this multi-million dollar settlement for Terri Cenar. A truck driver failed to check before he turned right, wedging Terri’s bike under the truck tire and the pavement. Terri suffered a broken pelvis and injuries to her stomach, bladder, left leg, groin and vulva. Both Tim Cavanagh and Benjeman Nichols traveled across the globe to depose employees of the involved trucking company and tenaciously worked to discover facts surrounding the incident. This is a state record in Illinois for a case involving a vehicle and a bicyclist. This case was set for trial in December of 2014. Cavanagh Law Group received the $9.75 million settlement on behalf of Terri in July of 2014.