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A five-year-old boy was recently provided medication by his mother after she filled a prescription that had been mixed up at the pharmacy. Instead of getting the child’s dose of allergy medicine that he had been prescribed, the boy was given an adult dose of an antipsychotic medication that was intended for a man who shared the boy’s name. According to a CBS News report, the large dose of medicine caused the boy to have trouble breathing, and he could have died if he had been given just one more dose of the dangerous medication. Luckily, the woman realized that something was wrong with her son and discovered the mistake. She is now suing the pharmacy that filled the prescription.

Prescription Errors are Startlingly Common

The sheer number of prescriptions filled every day in America results in inevitable prescription errors across the country. The vast majority of errors made are relatively harmless mistakes involving the directions or dosage, but occasionally patients are given the wrong medication entirely.

When a patient receives the wrong medication from a pharmacist, they are in potential danger both from potential reactions to the other unprescribed medication and also from not receiving their prescribed medicine. Innocent patients are injured or killed every year because of these medical mistakes.

What Can Affected Patients Do?

When a victim is injured or dies because of a Chicago pharmacy error, it may be possible for them to seek damages through an Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit. Doctors and pharmacists have a legal duty to know what they are prescribing their patients and fill the prescriptions accurately. When pharmacy mistakes are made and patients are hurt or killed, the entire medical profession loses credibility.

Whether a mistake is made by the doctor writing the prescription, the pharmacist filling the prescription, or somebody in between, the affected patient can lose everything if the mistake is not caught and corrected. While patients should always be diligent and attentive with their medications by checking the label and appearance of the medicine every time they fill a prescription, it is the professionals who are licensed for and trusted with these duties who should hold the final responsibility for what they are giving their patients. One additional step that can be taken to ensure prescription accuracy is to always ask to speak with the pharmacist prior to leaving, since this gives the pharmacist a final opportunity to check the prescription for errors.

Have You Been Injured by a Pharmacist’s Negligent Mistake?

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by an Illinois pharmacy error, the pharmacy error attorneys at the Cavanagh Sorich Law Group can help you get the compensation that you deserve. Don’t let someone else’s mistake destroy your life. At Cavanagh Sorich Law Group, we represent clients in most malpractice and medical negligence cases, including pharmacy error cases. Contact us today.

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