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December 3, 2018 |


Cavanagh Law Group partner Tim Cavanagh on December 3, 2018, obtained a $649,000 underinsured arbitration award for a 64-year-old man who suffered neck injuries in a three-vehicle crash in Will County in 2014.

In the crash, the at-fault driver, traveling in the opposite direction of Cavanagh Law Group’s client, slammed into a car turning left — forcing that car into the lane where our client was traveling. A second crash occurred, leaving the client with cuts to his forehead, a facet fracture and cervical myelopathy. While the cuts and facet fracture healed, the cervical myelopathy has been a source of daily pain and may require neck surgery.

The case against the driver who caused the crash was filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County and settled for the driver’s policy limits. After that settlement, CLG proceeded on an underinsured motorist claim against our client’s carrier.

When settlement negotiations broke down, CLG proceeded to arbitration on Dec. 3, 2018. After evidence was presented, the arbitrators awarded $649,000.